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Grandma Lucys Dog Macanna Ana Grain Free Free Beef Trial 1 Lbs

16.0 lb

We have run out of stock for this item.

Grandmas Lucys Macanna Grain-Free/Freeze-Dried Recipe Dog Food is made with the idea that healthy food should taste great. Thats why this recipe is packed with superfoods like hemp hearts, coconut, and kale, so that your dog can happily chow down and enjoy optimal nutrition intake. Every single ingredient is chosen with a specific benefit in mind, and its all inspected for quality in the family-owned kitchen in Southern California. From anti-inflammatory properties to maintaining a healthy digestive system and heart, its the easy way for your dog to eat his way to health. Simply mix in a cup or two of warm water to the freeze-dried formula, wait five minutes, and allow your dog to enjoy!