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Grandma Lucys Dog Valor Freeze Dried Turkey Treat 6 Oz

0.5 lb

Product Description:

  • Made with USDA turkey, quinoa flour, flax, carrots, and apples.
  • Quinoa is a superfood celebrated for its protein and nutrient-rich characteristics.
  • All natural-recipe is made in the USA and free of grains, preservatives, and GMOs.
  • Simple ingredients are designed to give simple, good nutrition.
  • Feed as is for a crispy treat, or easily rehydrate with water. Freeze-drying process helps maintain nutritional properties

Grandmas Lucys  Valor Starters Grain-Free/Freeze-Dried Turkey Recipe Dog Treats prove that tasty rewards can be ultra-healthy too. Taking a whole new approach to freeze-dried pet food, this recipe is packed with USDA turkey, quinoa, fruits, and vegetables. Every single USA-sourced ingredient is chosen with a specific benefit in mind, and it all inspected for quality in the family-owned kitchen in Southern California. And as with all Grandma Lucys recipes, they are totally free of grain, GMOs, and preservatives.


Ingredients:  USDA Turkey, Quinoa Flour, Flax, Carrots, Apple.


Feeding Instructions:  For each cup of Grandma Lucy’s add 1-2 cups of warm water, mix and serve, ready in 3 minutes. Most pets transition from their current food to Grandma Lucy's within 7-10 days. Here at Grandma Lucy's we believe that the slower the better when it comes to transitioning your pet as it always yields the most favorable results. Starting with small amounts of Grandma Lucy's initially and gradually increasing the amount over time.