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Kaytee Hummingbird Electronectar Wild Bird Ready To Use 64 Ounces

70.0 lb

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Kaytee Electro Nectar Hummingbird Food is made to mimic flower nectar that hummingbirds would find in the wild. Unlike traditional feeder nectar, it?s clear instead of red. That?s because hummingbirds are attracted to the red color of the feeder, not the food. Kaytee Electro Nectar doesn?t add artificial colors, but it does include electrolytes to fuel their fast-moving wings and unique flight patterns. It?s ready to use right out of the bottle with no mixing required. Hummingbirds are attracted to the color of your feeder, not the color of the food|Naturally clear hummingbird nectar formula not only attract hummingbirds, but also nourish and hydrate|Ready to use. Do not add sugar or water|Shake well before use and refrigerate after opening|Clean your hummingbird feeder prior to filling for best results|Made in the USA