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Prevue Pet Products Fruit Mineral Block Assorted 2.5 in x 2.5 in

64.0 lb
Prevue Pet Products Assorted Fruit Mineral Blocks contain natural ground seashell and limestone grit for an excellent source of calcium. Treats are fruit-scented and also contain iodized salt a required nutrient for avian health. Our Assorted Fruit Mineral Blocks is perfect for your Small or Medium bird.Prevue Pet Products Mineral Blocks Fruits assortments #62250 includes a bunch of grapes, pear, apple and orange. Calcium Compound content: Ground limestone, ground seashell, wheat flour, tapioca flour, food coloring, FDC Blue No. 1, FDC Red No. 3, Yellow No. 5. Analysis: Calcium 20% Phosphorous .05% These toys last longer than most because the cluster material is so hard that birds are only ?shaving away? at the material instead of actually chewing it. Toys are finished with 100% safe FD&C colors.